Emily cooks for You

so you can relax and enjoy !

 A chef at Home / Home dining  (for 2 or 30 friends): Emily does the shopping, the cooking and even the kitchen cleaning. The only thing you need to do is invite your guests fro a relaxed and refined meal  in the comfort of you own house. You can relax without worrying about your cooking!

Event Catering : Weddings, Corporate events, birthday parties, « buffet » & « canapé  » event (Apéritif dinatoire). Take a look at our Menus here.

Catering for the holiday rentals providing a range of standard and Gourmet meals delivered directly to gites, Châteaux and holiday homes.Freezer Fillers : You don’t enjoy cooking? Don’t have the time? Emily will provide you with home made meals delivered to your door for the week, the day… The meals are chilled or frozen as required.